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Looking Ahead is a program of the Entertainment Community Fund (formerly The Actors Fund). A one of a kind program tailored to help professional young performers and their families to build community, gain education and support while navigating the unique challenges associated with working in the entertainment industry.  

Looking Ahead supports professional young performers (actors, dancers, musicians, etc.) in developing the values, skills and confidence they need to make successful transitions to fulfilling adult lives. The program offers dozens of opportunities each year to connect with other performers and families through free events, educational workshops and supportive counseling. Looking Ahead was originally developed in cooperation with the SAG-AFTRA Young Performers Committee and has continued it's mission to support the mental health and wellness of young performers across the country since 2003.



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Welcome to Looking Ahead!

Welcome to Looking Ahead

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Looking Ahead is made possible by annual support from the SAG-AFTRA Producers Industry Advancement Cooperative Fund.