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Leadership Council (Ages 15-18)


Jan 25, 2023

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

210 N Pass Ave Suite 206, Burbank, CA 91505

Maximum Registrants 20

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Age Group: 15-18

Meet At: 210 N Pass Ave Suite 206, Burbank, CA 91505

Event Information

Leadership Council

For Looking Ahead Members, Ages 15-18

We've heard from many Looking Ahead members that they miss our monthly Leadership Council meetings. We heard you and we're bringing it back! Starting with ages 15-18, we invite you to come hang out, catch up and maybe learn a thing or two about Leadership. For those of you who are new to the program, Leadership Council is open to Looking Ahead members and is a chance to meet monthly with your peers to talk, learn and develop life and leadership skills. Members who participate in our Leadership Council meet-ups create lasting friendships and memories. We hope you will join us!

WHEN: Wednesday, January 25 @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm PST

WHERE: 210 N Pass Ave Suite 206, Burbank, CA 91505

COST: Free! Dinner will be included.

Questions? Contact Vy at, 323.330.2431.


Health and Safety Protocols


  1. **Online Health Screening is required the day of a Looking Ahead event that you are attending. Save this link and submit this form the day of the Looking Ahead event prior to arriving. 
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2. Code of Conduct


3. Event Participation Liability Agreement

Looking Ahead In-person Event Procedures and Policies

  1. Leave work at the door. In an effort to create a safe, non-competitive environment at all Looking Ahead events, kids and parents are asked not to speak about booked jobs, auditions or industry work-related topics with each other.
  2. Online registration is required for all events. Members can only register for events that are for their age group 9-11, 12-14 or 15-18.
  3. Register for events at least 24 hours beforehand. Showing up without a reservation is not allowed.
  4. Only Looking Ahead members can attend events. Friends, siblings and other non-Looking Ahead members cannot attend events. Looking Ahead staff will not be held responsible for supervising youth not in the program.
  5. Arrive on time. Members arriving to events after 15 minutes of the start of the event will not be guaranteed participation with the group.
  6. Parents must check in/our with Looking Ahead staff. This will allow staff to keep accurate count of all members. Parents must check in at drop off and pick up= before leaving.
  7. Notify staff if someone else will be picking up your child. If another family member or friend will be picking up our child, please inform staff to ensure your child’s safety.
  8. Events are for youth only unless otherwise stated. Looking Ahead seeks to create an environment where youth can foster friendships with their peers.
  9. Youth must remain with the group for the entirety of an event. Staff need to know youth’s whereabouts at all times.
  10. Event Cancellations. If you can no longer attend an event for which you are registered, login to your Member Dashboard and cancel your registration to avoid a strike on our account.


Members will obtain a strike if they do not attend an event for which they are registered and do not cancel their registration beforehand. 3 accumulated strikes will result in your young performer being ineligible to register for events for 30 days. We understand that plans change, but ask that if you are registered for an event and can no longer attend, that you cancel your registration via the Looking Ahead website the day before the event by logging into your account online. This small courtesy will create space to allow waitlisted members to register for events and will also give accurate head counts for our community partners who are graciously hosting our tours and events. 




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