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January Leadership Council (Ages 9-11)


Jan 20, 2021

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Over Zoom!

Maximum Registrants 20

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Age Group: 9-12

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1) You already filled out the digital Leadership Application

 (Only fill out once per 2020-2021 year)

2) You are ages 9-11

Note: Questions asked in the application are only used to collect data which helps Looking Ahead receive grant funding for the program and information is not shared.

 **Looking Ahead members will stay in the same group between September thru May

Because Leadership Council is only 1-hour, after 10 minutes, the meetings will be locked and no members will be allowed to join to avoid disruption of the lessons. Please arrive on time. Thanks!


January Leadership Council

For Professional Young Performers, Ages 9-11

What is Leadership Council?

Leadership Council is a monthly hang out where Looking Ahead members come to make new friends, learn leadership and life skills, build self-confidence, and participate in fun and engaging discussions and activities. Join us monthly as we connect, make new friends and learn something new! For more info on Leadership Council, view the link under Documents.

WHERE: Wednesday, January 20 @ 6:30pm-7:30pm

WHERE: Over Zoom

If you need to reach Looking Ahead Staff on the day of an event, email Vy at

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Zoom Meeting Guidelines

Before the meeting: 

  1. Download Zoom to your desktop at or download the app to your tablet or phone.
  2. Pick an indoor space to set up your phone, tablet or computer that is quiet.
  3. Add your REAL first and last name to the account.
  4. Use the Zoom link and Meeting ID code to login to your zoom meeting.
  5. Login 10 minutes prior to the meeting time and check that your video and audio are working properly.
  6. DO NOT select “Share Your Desktop” (this will enable all meeting participants to view your desktop and incoming messages).
During the meeting:
  1. Turn your video on - In order to fully connect with your peers and participate, be sure to keep your video no during the entire meeting.
  2. Mute your microphone when you are not speaking to avoid any background noises.
  3. Think about your actions on camera. Always remember that everyone can see you.


Questions? Contact Michael at or 323.933.9244 ext. 425

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