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  • Attend dozens of in-person and virtual events each year

  • Make friends and be part of a national community

  • Give back through community service

  • Build life and leadership skills

  • Talk to a counselor when you need support

  • Explore school and career goals

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Looking Ahead is for professional young performers, ages 9 through 18.
Eligible performers include actors, singers, dancers and musicians and more!

All counseling and educational services are free as well as the majority of our activities are free. There are some activities that have a nominal fee to support our costs. ($5 - $20)

There are two ways to be eligible for Looking Ahead:  

Union Members

If you have professional representation (agent/ manager) and are a member of one of the performing unions: (SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity, Musician’s Local 47, etc.) you’re automatically eligible to become a member of Looking Ahead.

Join as the Parent of a Young Performer

Join as an Emancipated Minor

Non-Union Members

If you have professional representation (agent/ manager) but are not a member of unions at this time, you can still become eligible for Looking Ahead! All you have to do is document the last two consecutive years of your professional income, showing that you have earned a minimum of $3,000 per year (This can be documented through tax returns, W2s, 1099s, contracts, or letters from employers, etc.).

Join as the Parent of a Young Performer

Join as an Emancipated Minor

Do you still have questions about eligibility? Contact us at lookingahead@entertainmentcommunity.org or 323-933-9244, ext. 425.
A NOTE ABOUT THE LOOKING AHEAD WEBSITE: Our website is a family-based website, so parents must sign up for their young performers. Parents will hold the master account over their young performers' account, while the parents and their children will each have a user name and password. The parents control the access levels and determine how their young performers will navigate the Looking Ahead site.