The Looking Ahead program provides two forms of free and confidential counseling: Supportive and Educational

Supportive Counseling for Youth and Families

Our Looking Ahead social worker provides confidential, short term counseling and referrals to outside specialists and treatment programs for issues related to:

  • Family or relationships
  • Life changes (e.g. school transition, divorce, unemployment or underemployment and relocation to name a few)
  • Stress, anxiety or depression
  • Illness or disability
  • Parenting issues
  • Financial concerns
  • Grief and Bereavement

Educational Counseling for Youth

Our Looking Ahead educational counselor helps youth plan for their educational futures by:

  • Assessing interests and skills
  • Building educational plans
  • Preparing for college
  • Talking through career options

To request a counseling appointment for either service please fill in this form or call (323) 933-9244, ext. 422. Please leave your name, and contact phone number and the best time to reach you in any messages.

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