At Looking Ahead, our motto is, “Grow, Give Back and Have Fun!”

We do this through 3 kinds of activities: Events, Educational Services, Counseling Services.

Our goal is to help you and your family thrive amid the unique challenges of working in the entertainment industry.  This can include things like balancing homework, family and friends with work and auditions; figuring out which kind of school to attend; dealing with pressure, competition and money; or just needing to get away from the business and be a teenager with other teenagers.

+  Events

Working and auditioning on top of school can sometimes feel like there’s no time for you, so Looking Ahead is also a place to JUST HAVE FUN….all without that awkward feeling of being in competition for work. Our events have included amusement parks, ice skating, museums, escape rooms, laser tag, plays, movie screenings and more! We also offer opportuities to give back through community service!

+  Education

Young performers have busy, complicated lives, and sometimes that can make it hard to spend time thinking about what you want for your future. That’s why Looking Ahead helps you do just that. Whether you’re a young performer trying to decide between public and home schooling, or you’re a teenager looking into colleges, Looking Ahead can help. We offer educational services such as visits to college campuses, financial literacy courses, leadership development programs and can help you create short and long-term educational plans. These plans help you think through interests and skills and how to apply them in educational settings. We also offer help and referrals for preparing for college exams and hold seminars that expose you to the entertainment and non-entertainment jobs, trades and careers.

Looking Ahead is here to help you explore your options, figure out the steps you need to take to get there, and build the future that’s right for you.

+  Counseling

We know that being a teenager has its ups and downs and we know that working and auditioning can add to this pressure. So having a strong group of friends and a support network you can trust is really important to thriving as a young performer and bettering your life. That’s why we’re here… to be around during the times when you just need to talk over what’s happening in your life. From individual, family and group counseling for both young performers and their parents and connecting people to resources in the community...to being there through more specific challenges like depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol questions, or body and self-esteem issues. Looking Ahead is here for you. 

We also offer

+ Parent Services

Our focus is always on the health and wellbeing of your whole family. So, parents are encouraged to access services from any of the Looking Ahead staff, whether for individual or family support, questions about public benefits like Unemployment or community resources, or a confidential meeting with other Entertainment community Fund's staff dealing with issues like financial management skills. We also have parent support groups which is a great way for parents to get together, meet some of their peers outside the pressures of auditions or work, share experiences and gain support regarding the industry, youth development and parenting.

+ Alumni Services

Our alums always have a home at Looking Ahead! Staying connected can be really helpful and important when you are just getting started in your new career or moving onto a different level of education as an adult. And the bonds you share with other former young performers are bonds that can last a lifetime. So in addition to keeping the door open to Looking Ahead staff, we encourage alumni to stay involved with the new classes of kids coming up in the program by mentoring, chaperoning and volunteering. And we will keep you on the list to attend our alumni events to help you keep connected to your own peers and build larger networks with each progressive class of alumni as they graduate. Alumni are always a part of the Looking Ahead family and can still take advantage of our educational resources and supportive counseling.